Go Lightly Rider by Tony Masero

Texas 1870
Eight years hard time leaves the world a whole new place when Cairns gets out.
And it’s not just the world that’s changed; there are parts of Cairns that are missing as well. What happened to his estranged wife, Adele, for instance? It means a ride back into a life he would rather forget, one that resurrects all the bloody aspects of Cairns’ old past.
There are some powerful people waiting at the end of the road that don’t like Cairns poking into their business. People with big plans that he’s starting to upset with all his questions.
It is a dangerous undertaking that leads Cairns on a murderous trail prompting a recall to the gun he had hoped to leave behind. The unpleasant deal he uncovers leaves those he loves with no place to go and Cairns has only one recourse and that’s to make a stand.

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