"Carving the Light" by Sue A. Maynard

"Carving the Light" by Sue A. Maynard

The Collins sisters have secrets.

United by a tragic occurrence in their youth, the three women, now well into adulthood, struggle to find a sense of balance, both with one another, and within themselves. Each, however, carries the weight of an enormous personal burden – all different, unknown and hidden from the other two – which affects all of their lives in ways none of them have yet begun to realize.

When tragedy threatens to strike a second time, the three sisters must find a way to face their demons and learn that their greatest strength lies in their love for one another, before the tenuous fabric of their family is torn apart forever.

“Carving the Light” by Sue A. Maynard available at Amazon.

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3 Responses to Tomorrow – Interview with Indie Author Sue A. Maynard

  1. Sounds like a wonderful book! Are there any plans for a print copy?

  2. Oh good. Thanks! And congrats!

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