Indie Author - Adam Santo

Indie Author - Adam Santo

IR: When did you start writing?

Adam Santo: I have been writing on and off since high school with the idea of one day getting published. Reading has always been my first love and writing soon followed. I just wish I had taken notice back then at the ease it was for me to put pen to paper when I was younger and grabbed hold of that opportunity early on.

IR: Are you self published or did you use an independent publisher?

AS: Self published.

IR: What genre do you write in the most?

AS: Fantasy/Fiction

IR: What is about that genre that attracts you?

AS: The idea of a world completely conjured from a person’s mind has always drawn me to this genre.

IR: How many books have you published?

AS: One (with the sequel currently being worked on to be published later this year).

IR: Which one should people start with?

AS: Temperature: Dead and Rising. It is the first in what will be a trilogy.

IR: What was the prime motivation in publishing your work through independent channels?

AS: My wife. Does that sound too simple of an answer? Well, the truth is that I wrote stories as a hobby, a way to wind down after a long day of working a 9 to 5 job. She read some of my scribbles and wondered why I had not taken the next step. So, with her prodding me to write a full novel I moved forward and completed this one. That’s when I started hunting for publishing companies and found self publishing the easiest way to go. After getting my manuscript into print helped me transition to ebook format. The three companies I utilized in the ebook transition are Pubit, Smashwords, and Temperature: Dead and Rising.

IR: What were your early experiences like?

AS: What I didn’t know to ask in the beginning – word count for first round edits. It is better to over estimate how many words your manuscript than to guess low and end up paying for the extra words. Also, ask how many words the company will support to edit. The one I chose ended up maxing out at 65,000.

IR: What did the process teach you?

IR: To look deeper into what each company offers. The one I chose did not offer to create an ebook, but that did not keep me from using them. I found ways to combat that small misjudgment on my part by searching out companies like Amazon and Smashwords to help me overcome that format.

IR: Have you seen a change in the independent publishing community?

AS: I have not been around long enough to know if there have been any changes.

IR: Do you read other independently published authors works?

Temperature: Dead and Rising

Temperature: Dead and Rising

AS: I have downloaded a few to my eReader and enjoyed the experience each author offered me.

IR: Any favorites you would like to plug?

AS: None off hand.

IR: Where are you most likely to purchase indie works?

AS: Smashwords is the first place I venture out to for a variety of new authors. Then major bookstores for ones I might have missed.

IR: Where can people find your books and which source has been the most successful for you?

AS: CreateSpace is the eStore my publisher set up and the preferred method. Ebooks can be found at Amazon or Smaswords, or other major retailers listed at author’s page. The most success I have had to date came from word of mouth. The best kind of advertising I have ever used.

IR: Your first book went to print before going to ebook. What was that experience like?

AS: Mind-numbing at times.Waiting for the edits to be done, then the formatting for the size of book to approve were the hardest to sit around waiting for. Patience was not my strong suit during those hours.

IR: Do you have any advice for some one who would like to be an Indie author or publisher?

AS: Take your time writing. Flesh out story, characters, and subplots. Thinking of all these things in great detail doesn’t mean it all has to go into the completed novel. I believe too much detail can stagnate the story; however not enough detail leaves holes. Balance is the key to a successful novel.

IR: Do you do your own cover art or do you have some one do it for you?

AS: The publisher had an artist make up three different covers to chose from. It took the guess work out of finding the right artist to fit my vision of the cover.

IR: Do you have any new works coming out soon that you can tell us about?

AS: The sequel in the Temperature Series is tentatively titled Temperature: Bitter Cold. It is currently in the works and most likely be out by the end of the year. Another that I have on the side is titled Payout (not related to the current series and without a publish date set).

IR: Is there anything you would like to share?

AS: Just to thank you for the opportunity to speak about my novel. It has been a joy to do this interview and hope to return when I finish the sequel later this year.

More Info:

Adam Santo was born and raised in Southern California before joining the Army for his short lived career as a soldier. The Army stationed him in Colorado when he realized this to be the most beautiful place earth to him. Currently living in Florida, Adam knows he will one day return to Colorado. More at

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